Our Products

Soap Dispensers

Our Soap Dispenser is simple to use and manufactured by using high grade raw materials to ensure sturdiness. These have an appealing look and suits with all kinds of interiors. Easy to install, these dispensers are used in public restrooms, restaurants, offices and hospitals. These dispensers are widely used as they avoid wastage of liquid and are economical for the users. They are available in various capacities and designs.

Hand Soap Dispensers

Available with us is Soap Dispenser or hands free soap dispenser, which is easy to use and designed using quality raw material to ensure durability. Appealing look and easy installation have made hand soap dispensers a suitable choice for hospitals, hotels, restaurants and offices. To cater to diverse requirements of our clients, we offer Foam Soap Dispenser in various designs and capacities. Liquid soap dispenser are quite easy to use, as a single push provides the user with adequate amount of soap.

Roof Ventilators

These uniquely designed Roof Ventilators uses wind energy rotary motion to bring flow of air inside. These ventilators are appreciated in them market for their cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, low-weight, environment friendliness, corrosion resistance, low maintenance, durability and robust construction. They have in-built aero blades that allow deflecting water and dust. They are designed in such a way that they enhance the overall architecture and aesthetic appearance of your office.

Roof Top Ventilators

Basically when the air of our atmosphere get heated it tend to become lighter and moves upward. Our roof top ventilators works to employ wind energy rotation and it help to bring air flow inside. We are proud to say that we cater to a diversified section of industries and we possess excellence in the process rendering superior quality ventilation system to our valued customers. Followings are the benefits our clients get from our roof ventilators.

Our roof top ventilators save money because of their no power consuming ability.

  • It emanates no noise, it is low-weight and it is environment friendly.

  • These corrosion free roof ventilators turns out to be a profitable investment in the long run.

  • It takes almost no time in paying back.

  • Our clients need not to worry about corrosion as it is protected against that.

  • Low weight roof ventilators practically requires no maintenance and assured to be trouble free for long.

  • Its specialties like light in weight, robust and strong durable construction help it to work well in even extreme climate conditions.

  • Industrial roof ventilators are comprised of aero built blades that enable deflecting water and dust.

  • Our roof ventilators are precisely balanced that comes with a frictionless effect for free rotation at lowest wind velocity.

  • Helps to better the overall look of the architecture and aesthetic appearance of the buildings.

  • We produce our roof ventilators in different materials so that they suit different environmental conditions.

  • Our industrial roof ventilators are contrived with a Translucent Opal FRP Base allowing 22% of natural daylight inside the building.

  • Our clients can install the ventilators in any and every kind of roofs.

  • Roof top ventilators look eye-catchy as they are available in different colors and consist of light weight FRP base.

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