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We are engaged in manufacturing Shoe Shining Machine that is simple to use and works by infrared system.

They are easily portable and include brown and black brush. They are made by using high-grade raw material. It only takes 30 seconds to shine your shoe and is an amazing gadget.

You have to simply insert your shoes and the in-built brushes automatically start rotating to polish the shoe.

In addition, this machine includes a nozzle with cream in it, which when pressed brings more shine. We manufacture two types of shoe polishing machines that include an executive deluxe and esteem model.

These machines are ideal for hospitals, offices, travel and household.

Shoe Shinning Machines

We are specialized in manufacturing Shoe Shining Machine, which is easy to use and operated by infrared system. Shoe Shining machine is easy to carry and consists of black and brown brush.

Also, shoe shining machine is manufactured using quality raw material and takes hardly 30 seconds to polish a shoe.

So, using a shoe polishing machine is quite an effective way to bring that shine to an old pair of shoes. Automatic shoe shine machine is an appropriate option to bring into day to day use.


Insert shoe in the groove to activate sensors.
Soft brush present in it starts rotating automatically and brings shine on to the shoe.

Further, our machine is provided with a cream containing nozzle, which is pressed to bring more shine.

Types available:
  • Executive deluxe that is automatic and equipped with the electronic timer
  • Another one is esteem which is semi-automatic and provided with the electronic timer
Other details of the Shoe Polishing Machine:
  • Shoe polishing machine can also be used manually, in which machine remains on as long as its switch is on.
  • Automatic shoe shine machines are portable, as they can easily be carried easily in the pocket.
  • Also, automatic shoe shine polish contains natural cream polish.
Salient Features:
  • This machine has a dual-speed to polish the shoes
  • These are compact and completely portable
  • These machines are suitable for offices, hospital, household, travel and many others

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