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Fly Killers

N. S. C. Electronics is a manufacturer and exporter of high quality Fly Killers used in several applications in bottling plants, laboratories, restaurants as well as offices to destroy mosquitoes, flies and other creatures. They come along with electrically charged framework that attracts the flying insects and let them die. These dead creatures are then collected on a definite tray to guarantee easy disposal. It is appreciated for various features, such as no smell, recurring cost, fumes, pollution and respirator problems. Our product range includes Domestic Killer 500, Killer 1000, Killer 3000 and Killer 2000.

Fly Killers

Leveraging on our vast manufacturing facilities, we offer our clients fly killers or insect fly killers that are used in laboratories, bottling plants, restaurants, offices to eradicate flies, mosquitoes and other insects. Electric Fly Killers are provided with electrically charged grid on which flying insects die after being attracted towards lure tubes of the unit. These dead insects are accumulated on the specific tray that ensures easy disposal. Thus, these electronic fly killers or insect fly killers are quite beneficial to get rid of flying insects.

Some of the other applications of commercial fly killers are as under:

Commercial fly killers are used in commercial places like:

  • Hospitals
  • Homes
  • Hotels
  • Dairies
  • Operation theaters
  • Theaters
  • Clubs
  • Milk plants
  • Sweet shops
  • Swimming pools
  • Showrooms
  • Computer centers
  • Canteen and mess
  • Open air lawns
  • Bakeries
  • Cold storage

  • Features:
  • No smell of insect fly killer, as usage of burning mats produces foul smell.
  • No recurring cost
  • No fumes, electronic fly killer is absoluetly pollution free.
  • No respirator problems

Types of Fly Killers:

Types Specifications

Electric Fly Killer 1000

  • Double Tubes 24' Each
  • 20 Watts x 2
  • L x 7'B x 16'H

Domestic Killer 500

  • Double Tubes 12' Each
  • 8 Watts x 2

Insect Fly Killer 2000

  • Double Tubes 24' Each
  • 20 Watts x 2
  • 24.5'L x 7'B x 16'H

Fly Killer 3000

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Double Tubes '24 Each
  • 20 Watts x 2
  • 24.5'L x 7'B x 16'H

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