• Air Curtains
    Electrical services

    Air Curtain is a modern device which, when installed on a door,
    forms an invisible curtain of continuous air and thus prevents
    escape of conditioned air as well as entry of outside hot, humid
    and polluted air.

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  • Fly Killer
    Electrical services

    Fly Killers used in several applications in bottling plants, laboratories
    restaurants as well as offices to destroy mosquitoes, other creatures.
    They come along with electrically charged framework that attracts
    the flying insects and let them die.

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  • Hand Dryers
    Electrical services

    Our unique range of Hand Dryer is widely used in hotels, airports, offices,
    hospitals and restaurants. Composed of a low-noise motor, these dryers
    are easy to install and durable. Additionally, offers quick and touch it
    free automatic activation.

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Welcome to N. S. C. Electronics

Established in 2001 as a brand name, we are well-known professionals and Air Curtain Manufacturers in India. We have spread our services to our customers throughout India for the recognition, selection and delivery of appropriate device & components. Air Curtain is an advanced device which, when set up on an entrance, forms an unseen curtain of ongoing air and thus stops evade of cool air as well as access of outside heat, moist and contaminated air. It thus not only minimizes your electric bill, but also helps to maintain cleanliness in the surrounding.

We are here in the field since long and cater products such as Roof Ventilators, Air Curtains, PVC Strip Curtains, Fly Killers, Rat Repeller and Hand Dryer. We also offer pest repellers to our clients which includes ultrasonic pest repeller and electronic repeller. We are tied up with genuine providers from Holland and Phillippines.

Supported by a team of highly certified experts and prepared with modern features and facilities, we try to offer the best assortment in this sector. We have been successful in the market for ourselves, and we regularly try to reach out to broader customers around the world and beyond.

We have designed a commodious and capacious warehousing area to secure the production successfully and hygienically. The factory area is segmented into several groups for keeping the items, as per their usages. This aids us in simple way of the purchases, when the delivery is planned. In addition to this, our dexterous group of warehousing employees takes every necessary step to avoid any damage and secure the variety of merchandise from negative circumstances. Furthermore, they make sure that assortment comes by making use of qualitative product packaging content to make sure that the deliverance of the items is been done securely and without any difficulty.

Our featured services


Air Curtains, P.V.C Strip Curtains, Fly Killers, Hand Dreyers, Pass Box(Dynamic And Static)


On Time Delivery, Ready Stock, Service to Install The Products


Dust, Unconditional Air, Flies, Bad Odor,Rat Repeller


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